THE REAL VERONICA VEIL Discovered By Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello 2011

If you are seeing this you are totally Blessed and one of only a few thousand people world wide Chosen by God to see His Sons' Holy and Divine Face. In early 2011 I commenced to use a new type of infrared negative processing technique on the Shroud of Turin and then by fate was led to the Rome Veronica Veil a Jewish relic which made its way to Rome in the 8th century AD. I used this process on all the known Veronica Veils held in churches and museums and found them all to be mere paintings except for the one in Rome of a photograph I found in an encyclopedia dated from the 2002 exposition at the Vatican where on an early March week of 2011 the face of Jesus Christ appeared after weeks of tedious work. I was gobsmacked and I felt the presence of our Lord with me as I stared into His battered and tortured face. His right eye was closed and swollen bashed in but His left eye was open staring at the woman who wiped His face as He carried the cross. Her name was not Veronica meaning True Image in Latin but some called her Seraphina or Berenici or Bernice. I realised I was now staring at a true miraculous photograph taken moments before crucifiction created by God and His Son identical to the face seen in the Shroud of Turin. What was once thought to be a legend I have now provan to be a fact, the Rome Veronica is real and identical in characteristics like the Shroud of Turin a 3D Holographic Negative Relic made on cloth. Later that year I was able to communicate with the Vatican who dismissed my discovery as impossible but the fact remains the face has appeared. I also took normal photographic negatives to verify my work and when the negatives came back the face was there. The major news media did not want to know about it and the Vatican remained silent. What you are now seeing is an alive photograph of Jesus Christ about to be crucified. I have written a book called The Veronica Veil Code to help promote the revealing of the Holy Face of Jesus Christ seen Alive !!!!!!! and bring awareness to the Greatest historical discovery in Christendom since the images of the Shroud of Turin by Secondo Pia were revealed in 1898 and it is available at

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In the Live Processing clip I used a blue filter with angular filming
Blue light filter of the Vatican Veronica reveals cross of blood seen on Shroud Turin face as a No 3
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