I'm honored that my discovery is being seen around the world and has been written about in various books and internet encyclopedias. In 2009 I developed a simple but advanced form of infrared negative processing which was used in early 2011 on a photograph of the red stained and fossilized image of the Veronica Veil which was exhibited from the Vatican in 2002 during Lent. The Holy face appeared to my shock battered and bruised identical to the face we see in the Shroud of Turin but in this case Jesus was alive moments before crucifiction.

His left eye is closed and bashed and His right eye is open staring presumably at Veronica some call her Bernice or Seraphina. There appear to be whip marks to the left side of His nose and cheek a lot of trauma and as seen in the blue light filter picture a cross of blood appears above His forehead. The Veronica appeared in Rome in the 8th century ad as testified in the ancient manuscript The Avenging of The Saviour and has been there ever since. In 1849 a miraculous apparition happened during an exhibit in a church lasting several hours, they attempted to draw what they saw but what you are seeing now below is the real face a miraculous photographic image identical to the Shroud of Turin a 3D holographic negative cloth relic.

I have written a book called The Veronica Veil Code detailing my discovery and communications with the Vatican and parts of my life, it is available through Barnes and Noble and lulu.com, 132 pages.

Thankyou so much for visiting this page and beholding the Greatest discovery in Christendom since the images of the Shroud of Turin in 1898 and any assistance you can give Holy Jesus Christ Bless You All Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello 
In the Live Processing clip I used a blue filter with angular filming
Blue light filter of the Vatican Veronica reveals cross of blood seen on Shroud Turin face as a No 3
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