Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello
Infrared Angular Filming
Rome Veronica Veil
Shroud of Turin
In the Live Processing clip I used a blue filter with angular filming
Blue light filter of the Vatican Veronica reveals cross of blood seen on Shroud Turin face as a No 3
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 My name is Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello I am an experimental photographer who in 2009 developed a simple but highly advanced form of infrared negative film processing technique which I have called ISAF ( Infrared Spectroscopic Angular Filming ) The foundational principle to the process is that if you download ANY negative film image to the computer and then tilt back the LCD screen you will see it convert to a positive.
After mastering the technique and learning that varying degrees of tilt can control the light colour spectrum hiting the camera lense I commenced to process images of the Shroud of Turin revealing the most advanced images ever seen revealing the actual skin and soft hair which is encoded in this miraculous cloth.
The technique of ISAF does not reverse from left to right, it allows the positive to appear without reversal.
Soon after in early March of 2011 I commenced processing the Vatican Veronica Veil which is documented in the 8th century manuscript Avenging of the Saviour when it arrived in Rome. I was able to reveal the now 2nd negative holographic Jewish relic cloth in existance with the battered ALIVE face of Jesus Christ moments before crucifiction. This discovery of great magnitude has now authenticated both cloths to each other. The Shroud of Turin appeared in Italy 600 years after the Veronica Veil but as you can see from the side by side photograph it is the same Divine Man. 
I have recently published an ebook and book about my life leading into this historical discovery on a par with what Seecondo Pia did in 1898 with the Shroud of Turin it is called The Veronica Veil Code.    
All my images on this page are allowed to be used in NOT FOR PROFIT websites as long as you write under each photograph  '' (C) 2011 Face of Jesus Christ Discovered Vatican Veronica Veil Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello ''     my email for any enquiry
The above images show the exact facial features and markings of both faces from the Shroud of Turin and The St Peters Veronica Veil. The mystery of the Shroud of Turin has been solved and authenticated by the new decoded photograph of the Veronica Veil held at St Peters in Rome. Please note the three spot injury markings right of Vatican Veil nose which appear on Turin Shroud face left side of nose. Unlike normal negative film processing which reverses from left to right Angular Filming does not reverse from left to right,it processes the actual negative image without reversal.
real face of Jesus Christ
Angular Filming Reveals Actual Skin Hair Shroud Turin Front 2011