I used infrared filming on a photograph dated 2002 from an encyclopedia in early 2011 when the incredible face appeared. It is absolutely astounding that no major news media has picked up on this. The right eye as you view the face is closed and bashed in swollen , the left is open, whip marks and great trauma appear on the right side of the nose and cheek, these injuries appear on the left side of the Shroud face, my infrared processing does not reverse images from left to right as does the processing that was used on the Shroud. The Veronica appeared in Rome in the 8th century Ad as written in the ancient manuscript called The Avenging of the Saviour. The cloth is an holographic 3D negative cloth relic identical in characteristics to the Shroud and as can be seen in the side by side image the faces are identical. My discovery has now been published in many sources and is gaining the respect and recognition it deserves. I have published a book called The Veronica Veil Code http://www.lulu.com/au/en/shop/vincen... Enquiries email vincent.ruello@bigpond.com (C) 2011 Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello
In the Live Processing clip I used a blue filter with angular filming
Blue light filter of the Vatican Veronica reveals cross of blood seen on Shroud Turin face as a No 3
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