In the Live Processing clip I used a blue filter with angular filming
Blue light filter of the Vatican Veronica reveals cross of blood seen on Shroud Turin face as a No 3
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My name is Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello I am an experimental photographer. In March of 2011 I commenced processing a photograph dated 2002 which I found from an internet encyclopedia about the Rome Veronica. Using a simple form of infrared negative processing which I developed I was able to reveal a hidden face from the Rome Veronica a Jewish relic. The face I revealed from the fossilized redish brown marks on the cloth is of Jesus Christ seen moments before crucifiction battered and tortured with His right eye bashed and closed and His left eye open staring at Berenici who was later called Veronica a latin term meaning true image. The face also appears to have been whiped and great trauma is seen on the right side of the cheek area. I have placed the face next to the Shroud of Turin face and they are identical in facial features. An ancient manuscript dating to the 8th century AD called the Avenging of the Saviour states that the Veronica appeared in Rome in the 8th century AD 600 years before the Shroud of Turin was discovered and displayed publically. The Veronica in Rome as dated from 2002 has identical characteristics to the Shroud of Turin, it is a 3D Negative Holographic Miraculous Cloth. 

The injuries you see on the processed Veronica on the right side of nose and cheek are on the same side as the Shroud of Turin as my infrared negative processing technique reveals the actual positive image without reversal of left to right. The Shroud of Turin face was processed using normal photographic processing and it reverses from left to right. The cross of blood on the forehead of the Rome Veronica as revealed under blue light infrared processing is the No 3 mark we see on the Shroud of Turin forehead. IMO I believe a soldier carved this into His forehead before crucifiction and it was not caused by the crown of thorns.

In mid 2011 I commenced to communicate with the Vatican and received a letter denying my request to go to Rome and film and process the Veronica to obtain more accurate and clearer images as they stated it was too delicate for examination. In 2017 I was sent a latest photograph from the Easter display in Rome and noticed the frame was slightly different and in fact the redish brown stain was also different. When I processed the new photograph I was shocked to find no hidden encoded image but merely swirls of paint. The Vatican has refused to declare my discovery to the world and it appears is now in fact attempting to hide it, the Truth has been revealed. From the last chapter of the Bible Revelation 22.4 '' And they shall see His face and His name will be written on their foreheads ''

I have written a book detailing my discovery called The Veronica Veil Code, it is available as a paperback at and as an ebook at Amazon. Thankyou for visiting my web page and I pray to Holy Jesus that you have found it Spiritually Enlightening Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello